The First Decade (1952 – 1962) - "Starting Out"

Contax Netball Club was formed in 1952 consisting of a group of young girls predominantly members of the 1951 Junior State Team. Lena Pomeroy was coach of the newly formed Contax Club, a position she held until 1955. Lena was known as a strict but fair coach, and a good motivator.

The name Contax resulted from a discussion between inaugural captain Margaret Rankin and her brother-in-law who was a camera enthusiast. He suggested a short simple name for the new club. “Contax” was the brand name of a camera used in that day.

The Contax Netball Club would play in a fawn box-pleat tunic, white shirt, brown sandshoes, white socks and a chocolate brown v-neck jumper. Training was held on Wednesday nights on a court situated between the up and down tracks on Port Road at Woodville. The Contax home court for matches was Court 3 at Sports Park. The courts had a dirt surface, and teams were responsible for lining their own court prior to the match.

Contax won the premiership in their first year, defeating Tango by 2 goals in the 1952 Grand Final.

Information about the club for the following few years is scarce. Fay Dumont coached Contax in 1958. Jenny Badman joined the club. By 1960, the club was struggling to survive. Jenny kept the club together by performing multiple functions, including A Grade captaincy, arranging uniforms, and matches.

In 1961, the club did not have a coach to start the season. Jenny, together with several other players convinced Mavis Buckingham to take over the coaching role.

We thank Jenny for working so hard to keep the club together in difficult times, and recognise her contribution in helping the club to grow to the strength it is today. The next A Grade coach was Merle Oldham.

1963 to 1972 - "Growing In The Sixties"

The Joan Horner Era (1963 – 1972)

In the latter part of 1963, Joan Horner was approached by Moira Clarke to give some assistance to the A Grade team. This led to Joan’s appointment as A Grade coach in 1964. She continued in this position until 1972. The late Joan Horner is a Life Member of our Club. Her support of Contax continued long after this era, as she addressed players and parents at official club functions until the mid nineties. In 1965, player subs were 4 pound 10 shillings ($9), and one new ball was purchased.

In 1966, the Club took a big step forward in growth. In the past, Contax had only fielded senior teams. Pauline Fielden introduced junior training at Daly Oval Courts, Hectorville. Contax entered 2 Primary teams consisting of 16 girls who had never played before. A junior team was added to this in 1969. Uniform hire in this era was $1 per year. In 1969, the A Grade team plus 2 officials flew to Woomera for an exhibition and coaching weekend. 1970 produced the second premiership for the Contax Club. This was an amazing result, given that Contax finished 4th in the minor round.

Contax defeated hot favourites, Garville by 9 goals in the Grand Final. By this time, the Club had grown to 5 senior teams and 4 junior teams. SAWBBA introduced a fine of 10c for orange peel left around the courts. They also produced a monthly basketball newsletter. 1971 saw a name change to our sport. Basketball was out.

Our game would now be known as it is today, netball. 2 Intermediate teams were fielded for the first time. Jan Noel organised the junior teams, a job she carried out for a number of years.

1973 to 1979 - "Ploughing Through The Seventies"

1973 – 1979

Pauline Fielden was appointed A Grade coach in 1973. Her team played in the Grand Final that year, but unfortunately lost by 2 goals. In 1976, Contax said goodbye to the box pleat tunics. A fawn skirt with 2 inverted pleats, front and back was worn with sky blue grand slam collared shirts.

Also in 1976, junior training was transferred to the central location of Edwards Park to enable players from other suburbs to play for Contax. In 1977, Daphne Axford took over the A Grade coaching role for one season, until Jenny Bonnett coached in 1978 and 1979. The club hit a low point, and faced A-Grade relegation after finishing bottom in 1979. The first Life Members of the Contax Netball Club were announced and honoured in 1979. They were Pauline Fielden and Joan Horner.

1980 – 1990 - "The Eighties"

Enter Margaret Angove

In 1980, Margaret Angove was appointed A Grade Coach. She went on to coach Contax for 16 years, until the formation of the National Netball League in 1997 when she was appointed to coach of the AAMI Thunderbirds, a position she held until 2006. Also in 1980, junior uniforms changed to fawn wrap around skirts and sky blue t-shirts. Trial fees were introduced due to player drop out after team announcements.

In 1981, our Junior 1 team played their Grand Final at Apollo Stadium as a curtain raiser to the A Grade final. Margaret Angove was appointed as State Coach, and Jenny Bonnet as State Under 21 Coach. Player’s skirts were upgraded to fawn pleated wrap around skirts in 1984. The player’s shirts remained sky blue. Contax were invited to share Pulteney Old Scholars Club rooms on South Terrace after Saturday matches.

By 1984, Contax had climbed the ladder to a Grand Final appearance. Future Club captain Karen Schulz made her debut appearance. Contax lost the Grand Final by 8 goals to the then-dominant Tango club.

In 1985, Contax shared the ANZ Social Club rooms after matches for drinks and fundraising activities. The club also accepted to nominate 2 intellectually disabled teams competing in H and J grades. Wendy Boundy (nee Noel) was awarded life membership of the Contax Netball Club.

1986 produced the club’s 3rd A-Grade premiership. Current Australian captain, Kathryn Harby played an unforgettable last quarter as a 16 year old in her debut Grand Final, to assist her team in clinching a one-goal win over hot favourites, Tango. Contax also won the Mazda Cup (pre season competition) in this year. The A-Grade team traded the fawn skirt for a sky blue pleated skirt, and sky blue polo shirt. The rest of the club switched to this uniform in 1987. Jan Noel was awarded life membership for her outstanding contribution to the Club.

In 1988, the A-Grade team faced a rebuilding year with the retirement of Club Captain Rhonda Kraft, and the defection of Marlene Elliott and Wendy Frost to Tango. With a court full of youngsters, including teenagers Sarah Sutter and Sarah Angove, the club triumphed in extra time over hot tip Garville. 20 year-old Jane Angove goaled with only seconds remaining to clinch the one goal victory. This was the first of many famous drawn Grand Finals, and the beginning of the rivalry between two great clubs, Contax and Garville.

1989 saw the promotion of Vicki Neale to the A Grade team, and the recruitment of Olympic basketballer, Julie Nykiel to the club. Contax won the Pre Season Dairy Vale Cup, but lost the Grand Final by 1 goal to Garville. Life Membership was awarded to Margaret Angove.

In 1990, it was Contax’s turn again. Contax nailed a 2-goal victory over Garville at Apollo Stadium to take out premiership no 5. With little time remaining, the Contax players applied freeze-ball tactics, which were later questioned by the netball public, in particular the Garville fans. Class A Jewellers became our naming rights sponsor, and Contax were now known as Class A Contax. Local radio and TV identity, Greg Rees became the club’s No 1 ticket holder, as A-grade players were awarded individual player sponsorships. The club also obtained use of the Keswick and Wayville Tennis Clubrooms for the winter months.

1991 to 1996 - "High Expectations"

The Nineties (1991-1996 Pre National Netball League)

In 1991, Class A Contax represented SA in the Prime Minister’s Cup, finishing 2nd. Despite the availability of outside Australian players, Contax were the only club opting not to utilise the import rule. This same year, the State League team racked up premiership number 6 in a most satisfying and convincing manner. The Grand Final was again contested against arch-rival Garville who were out-muscled, out-classed and completely out-played by the close knit Contax group. Life membership was awarded to Helen Ward.

1992 began the era of what would become a 4-year premiership drought at the top level. The Contax Netball Club had built high expectations in recent years, and amongst the players, only premierships were considered successful. Contesting Grand Finals was not enough. Contax finished 1st in the Pre Season Dairy Vale Cup, 2nd in the Prime Minister’s Cup and 2nd in the State League.

In 1993, Contax won 6 premierships, fielding a record 29 teams for the season. For the 2nd successive year, the State League Team lost the Grand Final to Garville.

1994 was a year of mixed emotion. Contax, with new sponsor Fairmont Homes on board, won the Prime Minister’s Cup over Garville in controversial circumstances. Import player Vicki Wilson dominated to Contax goal end and the match finished level at full time. The extra time period produced a 3-goal margin in favour of Contax. The full time score was disputed post-match by Garville, claiming they had in fact won the game in the regular 60 minutes of play. The speculation and media interjection in the following weeks soured the Contax victory, however, history shows that Contax were in fact the winners of the 1994 Prime Minister’s Cup. Contax again were runners up to Garville in the State League season. A total of 12 teams played in Grand Finals, resulting in 8 premierships.

In 1995, ETSA Corporation became the principal sponsor of the Club, and Contax would now be known as it is today, ETSA Contax. The entire club played in bodysuits, a popular choice with the juniors. 13 teams made Grand Finals, resulting in 7 premierships. The disappointment continued for the State League Team, losing their 4th successive Grand Final to arch-rival Garville, this time by 1 goal. Life Membership was awarded to Wendy Deayton. Margaret Angove was awarded an OAM for services to Netball.

1996 saw ETSA Contax fielding a total of 31 teams, with an amazing 21 reaching Grand Finals. A club record of 16 premierships was achieved. ETSA Contax again competed in the Mobil Superleague, finishing 4th after losing Vicki Wilson to injury in the finals series. Locally, ETSA Contax dominated the State League season to finish minor premier, and go on to defeat arch rival Garville by 3 goals in the Grand Final. This was a huge relief to the club, following Garville’s 4-year reign as the dominating team at the top level. It was ETSA Contax that were to depart the “old netball” era with a premiership.

Netball Australia announced that a full National League was to form for the 1997 season, and ETSA Contax applied to enter as a club. The application was subsequently denied by the South Australian Netball Association, opting for the current Thunderbirds/Ravens structure as the 2 South Australian teams in the National Netball League.

1997 to 2002 - "The New ETSA Contax"

Proud of our past, confident of our future

1997 brought on massive changes to Netball in South Australia as we had known it. The National Netball League formed, with the total starting line up of our 1996 premiership team selected to play for the AAMI Thunderbirds. Marg Angove, club coach of 16 years was also appointed coach of the AAMI Thunderbirds. The depth of ETSA Contax would be put to the ultimate test. With Barney Williams appointed as coach and Tania Obst as captain, this was the combination to lead the “new ETSA Contax” in to their next challenge. The State League finished runners up to Matrics.

Although disappointing at the time, this was a creditable achievement given that our team was made up of the entire Reserves team from the previous year. It was obvious that the years of junior development provided the club with the strength it needed to continue to be a force.

1998 proved to be disappointing. For the first time in 13 seasons, our State League team did not compete in the Grand Final following a one-goal loss to Tango in the Preliminary Final.

The 1999 season brought on a new hunger for success. The State League players were sure that they didn’t want a repeat of last season. Youngsters Jane Altschwager and Laura von Bertouch were promoted to regular starters in the State League line up. Newly appointed captain Vicki Neale returned after recovering from a knee reconstruction. Grand Final night started perfectly with the Reserves winning comfortably over Cougars. The celebrations were halted when the State League team lost by one goal in extra time. The disappointment was even greater for Vicki Neale in her final appearance in the blue body suit.

2000 was our year. In an exciting and innovative recruiting coup, Contax attracted the services of England International player, Tracey Neville. Tracey was very popular with fellow players and supporters, and she brought a new professionalism and enthusiasm to the club. Contax returned to the top of the table where they belonged. Our State League team, in Barney William’s final year as Club Coach finished in first place with an inspiring 6-goal win over the fancied Australian Institute of Sport team. The Contax mid court boasting the riches of the von Bertouch sisters and Leanne Oats dominated the play in what was one of our best performances in recent times. This followed an exciting over time victory by the Reserves side. In fact, the top six grades of our Club finished top of the table.

In 2001, ETSA Contax appointed premiership-winning Reserves coach Tania Obst as the new club coach. There were 6 player changes to the State League squad, including the transfer of reigning club Best & Fairest Natalie von Bertouch to the Australian Institute of Sport. In a year which was difficult to maintain consistency due to new players and injury, the State League team finished 3rd.

In 2002, ETSA Contax celebrated our 50th year at a luncheon at the Stoneyfell Winery, with many current and past players and officials in attendance. Our club figured prominently at ETSA Park in season 2002. An amazing 25 teams entered the finals series with 19 going on to compete in Grand Finals, and 11 winning premierships. Tania Obst and Fay Walsh coached the State League and Reserves teams to premierships to put Contax back at the top, where we belong. Well-earned club life memberships were awarded to Rod Hook and Marlene Staker for their massive individual contributions to Contax over a significant period of time. Marlene has contributed almost 20 years as a coach and co-ordinator.

Rod Hook was awarded Life Membership for his years of contribution to our club on the Management Committee and State League Committee as our representative. Rod’s inclusion as our first male Life Member is well earned, he is indeed the most respected and knowledgeable netball administrator of the modern game.

2003 to 2009 - "ETSA Contax Raising The Bar"

(2003 – 2009)

Success comes by Raising the Bar and commitment along with dedication by both coach and player……… it does not come by accident…….. 2003 mirrored 2002 with a huge amount of success. Contax again had 20 teams participating in finals, with 8 premierships. Most significantly, our State League and State League Reserves Teams both enjoyed back-to-back premiership success. An excellent result considering that we lost 10 players from our 2002 State League squads to scholarships with AIS and SASI.

Contax again adhered to our long-term policy of developing young players, which paid off with success at the highest level. Also in 2003, our club implemented a sistership/sponsorship/mentorship of South African community, Thembelatu. We sent 68 netballs, tracksuits and bodysuits to their community to assist with the development of our sport in their corner of the world.

Our club has since received feedback from the Thembelatu community thanking us for our sponsorship. “Thembelatu Contax”, proudly wearing the Contax bodysuit and are now one of the strongest clubs in the province. Another highlight in season 2003 was the announcement of Life Membership to our finest ever player, Kathryn Harby-Williams.

In 2004, our State League squad again focused on developing club players, and was boosted with the unexpected return to State League netball of Rebecca Sanders following an outstanding career at national and international level. Bec proved to be a great asset to the team, not only in her unquestioned individual ability, but in her willingness to teach others her trade. The State League team won their third consecutive premiership, and Bec was aptly awarded Club Best and Fairest in her final year of netball. For the second consecutive season, ETSA Contax were awarded Netball SA’s Club Excellence award. 5 of our State League players were selected in the ASICS Team of the Year at the Netball SA Presentation Dinner.

2005 was a year of disappointment that some may say had to come, in a heartbreaking Grand Final loss, our three year reign of State League Premiers had been broken. Both the State League and State League Reserves participated in the Grand Finals both losing to Matrics. The State League was coached by Tania Obst and the Reserves coached by Faye Walsh. Both the SL & SLR finished 2nd that year. We fielded 33 Teams, of which 24 Teams made it into the Finals, 10 were minor premiers, 14 teams went through into the grand finals and 6 became Premiers in 2005. B1, B2, J5, C2, SJ1, SJ 3. Our Community program again included sistership/sponsorship/mentorship of South African community, Thembelatu with aid of equipment our club sent over to this community once again. Our Major Sponsors ETSA Utilities continued their long association with our club along with ASICS, BAILETTIS, Adelaide Sports Physio , Snap printing Norwood.

  • 6 players in Thunderbirds Squad. Natalie von Bertouch was in the Australian Team, Nat von Bertouch and Laura von Bertouch Commonwealth games squad.
  • Kirby Mutton, Emily Beaton, Australian Youth Cup 21 and under
  • State Team representation – 17 under Sky Stoyanoff, 19 Under Louise Broadbridge, Kerry Grocke and Faye Walsh was Coach, 21 under Jasmin Lade, Kerry Grocke Faye Walsh Coach
  • Open Team Amanda Martin & Jane Fitzgerald
  • For the third consecutive season, ETSA Contax were awarded Netball SA’s Club Excellence award.
  • Advertiser Player layer of the year – Natalie von Bertouch
  • Tanya Denver Medal – Natalie von Bertouch
  • Life Membership was awarded to Tania Obst for her years of service both as a player and coach to our club.

In 2006 the State League and State League Reserves both finished top, the pain of 2005 was not going to get in their way of returning the Premiership Cup back to ETSA Contax. The State League was Coached by Tania Obst and the SLR Faye Walsh. We fielded 34 teams in total, with 25 teams in top 4, 6 were minor premiers, 13 teams in grand final – finally 8 premierships in total – SL, SLR, B1 J4 J5 J7 P3 and SP1. For the fourth consecutive season, ETSA Contax were awarded Netball SA’s Club Excellence award. New Body suit design was introduced which gave rise for the opportunity to send 80 old style body suits and 75 netballs sent to Themblathu in South Africa. Our Major Sponsors ETSA Utilities, ASICS, Marion Sport and Leisure, Bailettis, Snap Printing Norwood and Codewear along with 9 Individual sponsors and 29 team sponsors. We contributed 6 players to the Thunderbirds squad, Laura von Bertouch, Natalie von Bertouch, Fiona Pointon,, Bianca Reddy, Kirby Mutton, Amanda Martin.

  • Australian Commonwealth games Team Natalie von Bertouch
  • Australian open team – Natalie von Bertouch & Laura von Bertouch
  • 17 under Talent identification squad Georgia Beaton
  • 17 under state Georgia Beaton, Lisa Fyfe, Kirsten Sterrey
  • 19 under Sam Nutt
  • 21 under Jasmin Lade, Jo Baldwin, Nichole Stoppel, Faye Walsh coach
  • Thunderbirds player award Laura von Bertouch
  • Advertiser Team of the Year, Amanda Martin, Leanne Eichler, Kim Smith.
  • For the fourth consecutive season, ETSA Contax were awarded Netball SA’s Club Excellence award.

2007 was our Club Coach Tania Obst appointed as the new Thunderbirds Coach, she was to take over from Margaret Angove – ETSA Contax again providing the Senior Coach for our National League Team. This is a credit to our club and Tania. With the loss of Tania, Faye Walsh was elevated from Reserves coach to State League and Club coach. This was however not to be our year, with a change of Senior Coaches and plagued with injuries, the State League did well to finish 2nd and the SLR finished 3rd coached by Julie Wakefield in her first year as senior coach. We fielded a record 35 Teams this season and we were thrilled with the opportunity to include our “H” Grade. 27 Teams finished in the top 4 to go through to finals, 6 were Minor Premiers, 15 Teams played in Grand Finals with 8 Premierships this year. B3, I4, J1, J4, J6, SJ3, SJ4, P4. Our Club commenced Net Set Go program with 22 enthusiastic young players experiencing netball for the first time. Major Sponsorship Partners were ETSA Utilities, ASICS, Casa Leisure, Oxford Hotel, Leading Edge Physical Therapy, Bailettis & Snap Printing Norwood. We also had 14 INDIVIDUAL SPONSORS along with 25 TEAM SPONSORS.

  • This year we contributed no less than 8 players to the Thunderbird Squad, Laura Von Bertouch, Natalie Von Bertouch, Fiona Pointon, Bianca Reddy, Kirby Mutton, Amanda Martin, Jane Fitzgerald, Emily Beaton.
  • Australian Open Team – Natalie Von Bertoch & Laura Von Bertouch.
  • 21 Under – Emily Beaton
  • Thunderbirds Players Player Award – Fiona Pointon
  • Thunderbirds Club Champion – Natalie von Bertouch
  • Dynamic Sports Rookie of the year – Georgia Beaton
  • For the fifth consecutive season, ETSA Contax were awarded Netball SA’s Club Excellence award.

2008 saw the Introduction of the new Trans Tasman Competition a new coach was appointed to this new competition and full time role. Tania Obst returned to ETSA Contax as Club Coach and State League Coach after only one season with the Thunderbirds. Leanne Eichler was appointed as State League Reserves Coach making the transition from Club Captain/Champion to her first year as a Senior Coach. In a true strength and determination display of brilliant netball from both our players and coaches, both the State League and State League were successful in achieving the perfect Double. Premierships in both the SL and SLR Subway Cup competition only to be followed by the Double Double, with Premierships in the inaugural Clive Armour Cup for both team. This was a year of great success at the highest level but it did not come by chance. There was a determination from both players and coaches that did not leave a stone unturned in their hunt for the return of the Holy Grail to ETSA Contax. In the AMND Competition we fielded 32 teams with a fantastic 18 teams finished in top four, 5 were minor premiers,9 teams played in Grand finals with 4 premierships in the AMND ranks. There were several games lost by the closest of margins and proved to be most disappointing to many. Contax netball club was awarded the Netball SA Club Excellence award for sixth year in a row, true testament to our standard in the top levels of the competition across the whole competition, signs are good for the future of this club by the ability for us to develop our own players. Rod Hook ETSA Contax nominee on the state league committee. ETSA Utilities major sponsor of the club holds naming rights to the club for competition and public purposes. Our commitment to the community continues to grow into Regional SA, we developed a support network for the Mimili Area School, and Indigenous Community in the far North West of South Australia. In an enlightening experience for all, we hosted a group of children and had the opportunity to provide them coaching along with our own players. A strong relationship was formed over the year and our club have provided them with equipment, clothing, balls and supplies to give them the opportunity to play netball in their community. In 2009, after the success of 2008 it was going to be a difficult ask to raise the bar from the performance the year before. The State League had a dominant year and unfortunately suffered a shock loss to Oakdale in a disappointing end to what we all witnessed as a fantastic season. The State League Reserves were plagued with injuries and despite this still finished 3rd for the season. Tania Obst state league coach and Leanne Eichler state league reserves coach. In the AMND we fielded 32 teams with 24 teams finishing in top 4 and contesting the final round. 9 teams were minor premiers, 16 teams in grand finals and 8 Premierships. Contax Netball Club was awarded the Netball SA Club Excellence award for the seventh year running. Our strength and success at the top level across all age groups is endorsed and rewarded by Netball SA and is true testament to our ability to continually produce the best players which allows us to be successful at the highest levels. Pauline Fielden celebrated 50 years of service to the club in 2009. She has been a player, coach, administrator, umpire, coach coordinator and mentor to young coaches. We were fortunate as a club to again have ETSA Utilites as our club Major sponsor – they are also our naming right Sponsor. ETSA Contax works closely with ETSA Utilities in a partnership to promote Healthy Living and Netball in the remote communities. ETSA Contax again continued our relationship with Mimili Area School and hosted young students from the Aboriginal Community located in the far North West of South Australia. We have provided clothing, equipment, coaching and support to this group for the second year along with hosting them at ETSA Park. This year we were also thrilled for our State League to be invited to become the Ambassadors of the Royal Flying Doctor Service – Healthy Living Program. We had players fly to Leigh Creek to participate in a day for students from Leigh Creek, Myree Area schools along with children from the school of the Air. Over 160 students participated in “Healthy Living” day with our players providing coaching mentoring and promoting Healthy Living. Lew Owens, CEO ETSA Utilites was our clubs No. 1 ticket holder.

2010 to present day - "Netball At Its Best"

(2010 – 2021)


The club fielded 33 teams and we once again enjoyed the thrill of winning the State League Premiership in an absolute nail biter of a Grand Final by one goal in overtime shot by Amanda Martin in the dying seconds of the game. The new CEO of ETSA Utilities has become our No. 1 ticket holder – Mr Robert Stobbe. Margaret Angove retired as SASI coach and returned to ETSA Contax as State League Coach 16 years after leaving our club as State League Coach to become the inaugural Thunderbird Coach. Tania Obst our State League Coach was appointed as her replacement as SASI Coach.

  • Our State League Reserves were a very young team with a lot of new up and coming talent – they were not able to make the finals in 2010.
  • AMND 11 teams playing grand final with 7 premierships
  • Club Excellence award was again won by our club.
  • Lee-Anne Petherick succeeded Rod Hook who has represented ETSA Contax on State League Management committee since it’s inception
  • Netball SA restructured the State League competition and renamed it Premier League for season 2011. All positions were declared vacant with all State League Clubs left to apply for positions in the new Premier League.
  • Our President – Lee-Anne Petherick completed our submissions assisted by Marg Angove, Virginia Reddy and Lorraine Obst and ETSA Contax was awarded a place in the Premier League in season 2011. Controversially, not all clubs were successful with only 6 club achieving a position in Premier League for the coming year.
  • Kim Hocking (Nee Smith) retired as a player.
  • Thunderbirds squad included Natalie von Bertouch, Emily Beaton and Georgia Beaton. Australia Diamonds team Natalie von Bertouch Vice Captain.
  • State League team of the Year players included Kristen Hughes, Amanda Martin, Kirby Morley, Bianca Reddy.
  • Margaret Angove Medal Best Player in Grand Final Amanda Martin
  • Subway Cup Best and Fairest Kirby Morley.
  • State League Players Player Kirby Morley.
  • ETSA Contax State League continued as Ambassadors to the Royal Flying Doctor Service – “Healthy Living Program” – Yalata was the town visited this year to conduct clinics in rural SA.
  • ETSA Contax Netball Club has the following players selected in the 2010 – 17 & Under and 19 & Under State Representative Teams:
  • 17 & Under- Gia Abernethy, Chelsea Lemke, Madeleine Proud (SASI Scholarship Holder), Sheree Lewis Coach
  • Following the Nationals all of the above athletes were selected in the 17 & Under National T.I.D Squad.
  • 19 & Under: Leah Thomson, Lenise McIntyre, Kate Shimmin (A.I.S. Scholarship Holder)
  • Following the Nationals Kate Shimmin was selected in the 19 & Under National T.I.D. Squad, and Lenise McIntyre was later added as an Invitee to the Squad.


This season saw another change to Netball our State League was renamed Premier League. The change saw 10 teams reduced to 6.  Marg Angove again accepted the position as coach of the Premier League side and the Reserves was coached by Kim Hocking. Our Premier League finished minor premiers but were beaten in the 1st Semi and then again in the Preliminary. Likewise our Premier League Reserves finished 2nd but were also not able to make the Grand final.

  • Kristen Heinrich was named Premier League MVP for 2011 and Netball SA Team of the year included Banca Reddy, Kirby Morley, Amanda Martin and Jane Fitzgerald. SA Netball League Most Consistent Player Kirby Morley
  • ETSA CONTAX Premier League Best and Fairest  Kristen Heinrich
  • Reserves Best and Fairest  Chelsea Lemke
  • We farewelled 3  Premier League players Amanda Martin, Christie Nash and Kristen Heinrich.
  • ETSA Contax also won the Club Excellence award again.
  • We fielded 32 teams and won 9 Premierships.  AMND league won their grand final and the other 8 premierships were won by under age teams including Inter 1 and Junior 1.
  • AMND Sylvia McCubbin SJ Goal Throwing won by Sub Jun “1”
  • AMND Betty Fisher Junior Goal throwing award won by Junior ‘1”
  • We were fortunate enough to receive three financial grants in 2011 and the money was put to good use for skills workshop Junior umpire development and education of coaches.
  • Our umpires Jill Hunt and Lynda Robinson again had a team of girls training as umpires.
  • Our esteemed treasurer Virginia Reddy was awarded with Life Membership
  • ETSA Contax achieved Starclub status with Office for recreation and Sport.
  • Achievements for 2011 Australian Diamonds Vice Capt then eventually Captain Natalie von Bertouch
  • Australian Diamonds Extended Squad  Emily Beaton

17 & Under representatives Gia Abernethy Captain, Stephanie Drogemuller, Kaila Greenwell, Morgan Hill, Chelsea Lemke  (Also Talent Identification Squad), Briony Pratt, Che Revill, Maddy Turner, & Coach Sheree Lewis
19 & Under State Representatives Casey Gregory, Jessica Johannsen ( Talent Identification squad Australian Team), Chloe Joyce  (Talent identification squad AUSTRALIA Team) & Madeleine Proud (Talent identification squad and 21 and under Australian team)
21 & under State Reps Gia Abernethy, Georgia Beaton, Jessica Johannsen, Chloe Joyce, Chelsea Lemke & Lenise McIntyre


Once again Contax was sponsored by ETSA Utilities We also had 10 club sponsors 15 individual sponsors and 21 teams sponsors 2012 was the 60th anniversary of Contax Netball Club. A lunch was held at the Cremorne Hotel to celebrate the occasion A Rival revival match against Garville netball Club was played with past players participating. Our Premier League coached by Leanne Eichler and ably assisted by Kim Hocking finished top in minor round and went on to win the grand final. It was Leanne’s first year as Premier League coach. Reserves coached by Tonia Hutton  were also Premiers. Premier league players Kirby Morley who played 276 games for Contax,  Bianca Reddy 145 games and Amanda Martin  241 games all retired. AMNDS was represented by 33 teams in the Grand final finally winning 11 Premierships Contax again won the Netball Excellence award for the 10th year. Lynda Robinson and Jill Hunt again took over the role of Junior Development . Thundebirds squad  Natalie von Bertouch, Emily Beaton and Madeleine Proud. SA National League Team  Georgia Beaton, Jane Fitzgerald. Chelsea Lemke, Madeline Proud and Gia Abernethy. SASAI SAcholarship Holders. Gold   Georia Beaton,  Madeleine Proud Silver  Gia Abernethy,  Chelsea Lemke, Maddy Turner. Bronze Olivia Clark, Charlee Hodges,  Kelsey Williams.

Australian Diamonds Natalie von Bertouch Captain. Australian under 21 team,  Madeleine Proud captain,  Chelsea Lemke Australian under 19 team  Chelsea Lemke. Australian School Girls  Kelsey Williams SA Representatives SASRAPID Tammy Brixton,  Alexandra Connell, Kelly Robertson, Jodi Smith. 17 and under state,  Maddy Turner (national Talent ID squad) , Olivia Clarke, Charlee Hodges, Kelsey Williams,  Kim Hocking assistant coach 19 and under,  Gia Abernethy (national talent ID squad)  Madeleine Proud  (National talent ID squad), Casey Gregory, Chelsea Lemke (National talent ID Squad) 21 and under  Gia Abernethy, Chelsea Lemke (national talent ID squad)  Madeleine Proud (National talent ID squad) Leah Thomson Maddy Turner  Sheree Lewis Assistant coach Asics team of the year Contax Representatives Chelsea Lemke,  Georgia Beaton, Jane Fitzgerald, Bianca Reddy. Netball  SA Premier League Rookie of the Year  Chelsea Lemke


2013 was a significant year with a change of uniforms.  Dresses were the new uniform replacing bodysuits. Our major sponsor was again SA Power Networks. We had 13 Club 18 Individual and 28 Team sponsors Premier League coached by Leanne Eichler ably assisted by Kim Hocking were once again premiers. Reserves coached by Tonia Hutton assisted by Sheree Lewis were runner up. There were 32 teams in AMND with 6 winning Premierships. Contax were joint winners of the Club Excellence award. Lynda Robinson and Jill Hunt once again took charge of training our Juniors umpires. After 22 years we were saddened when  Lorraine Obst retired  from our committee due to ill health. Lorraine was assistant secretary for 22 years, State League Manager for 3 years, State League Convenor for 12 years and was a Life member.
Australian Diamonds Natalie vonBertouch captain Australian Under 21 team World youth cup  Gia Abernethy Australian 19/u TID  Gia Abernethy,  Maddy Turner  17/U TID  Lucy Armfield Thunderbird representatives were Natalia von Bertouch and Emily Beaton Australia School Girls  Charlee Hodges AN L Reps Chelsea Lemke. Gia Abernethy, Maddy Turner,Maddy Proud Captain. SASI Scholarship holders   Gold  Chelsea Lemke,  Madeleine Proud  SILVER   Gia Abernethy, Maddy Turner,  BRONZE   Olivia Clark,  Charlee Hodges,  Kelsey Williams, Lucy Taheny SA Representatives  SA Primary School,  Gabriella Vidmar, Tayla Whitehouse, Eliza Grenvold. SA Secondary Schoolgirls Adele Demasi, Elissa Noolan, SASRAPID  Alexandra Connell, Kimberley Phillis, Sofie Kneebone. 17 and under State team Olivia Clark co Captain, Charlee Hodges co Captain, Kelsey Williams, Lucy Armfield,  Kim Hocking Coach 19 and under State Team  Gia Abernethy Captain, Maddy Turner vice Captain, Kailah Greenwell, Molly Affolter, Maddy Hicks, 21 and under State team  Maddy Proud Captain, Gia Abernethy, Chelsea Lemke, Maddy Turner. Netball SA Excellence award joint winners again. Netball SA  Premier League Team of the Year reps GS  Chelsea Lemke, WD Georgia Beaton,  GD Jane Fitzgerald,  GK Maddy Turner. Netball SA Premier league Rookie of the Year  Maddy Turner. Netball SA Marg Angove medal for Premier League Grand Final  Georgia Beaton.


SA Power Networks were once again our Major Sponsor Our Premier League coached by Leanne Eichler with
assistant coaches  Jane Fitzgerald and Sarah Vidmar  finished 3rd. Reserves coached by Sheree Lewis and
assistant coach Deanna Riley also finishes 3rd. AMND teams had 5 premierships. Lynda Robinson and Jill Hunt were again buisy coaching Junior umpires. Net Set go was run by Pauline Fielden ably assisted by Amanda Shiell. Sponsor ship is growing 2014 we had 16 club Sponsors, 22 individual and 25 teamsponsors for which we are very grateful Thunderbird reps Emily Beaton, Maddy Proud, Carla Borego, Kate Shimmin,  Assistant coach Tania Obst. SA National League reps  Geogia Beaton, Chelsea Lemke, Maddy Turner. SA Scholarship holders, World International Class Athlete  Emily Beaton Developing International Athletes,  Chelsea Lemke,  Madeleine Proud, Kate Shimmin Potential International Athletes  Gia Abernethy, Lucy Armfield, Maddy Turner. Emerging Potential Athletes.  Olivia Clark,  Charlee Hodges, Lucy Taheny

Netball Australia’s Centre of Excellence Program  Maddy Proud Australia 21/u Team  Maddy proud (Captain), Gia Abernethy (withdrew due to injury) Chelsea Lemke, Maddy Turner Australian 19/u TID  Lucy Armfield Australian 17/u TID Charlee Hodges SA Representatives. Primary School Krystal Anderson-Ives, Eliza Jones, Tahlia Dnistrjanski DSA Secondary School,  Chloe McGough, Sophie Freeman, Jade Anderson Ives, Sarah Chigwidden, Bianca Reddy Assistant Coach SA Rubys SASRAPID, Alexander Connel, Catherine Benke, Alison Muirhead  (Coach)  Tricia Crockford (Assistant Coach ) 17/u   State team Charlee Hodges, (Co Captain)  Emily Hunter 19/u state team Maddy Turner (VCaptain)  Kelsey Williams, Lucy Armfield 21/ State team,  Maddy proud (captain)  Gia Abernethy, Chelsea Lemke, Maddy Turner, Molly Affolter. Netball SA Premier League team of the year.   GD Georgia Beaton,  GK Maddy Turner


Once again our major sponsor was sa power networks
Our number”1” ticket holder was Sarah McKay (Sutter)  and our patron was again Rosemary Crowley
2016 Contax entered 33 teams across Premier leagues and Adelaide metro division.  23 teams contested the final rounds of which 13 team contested grand finals winning 9 premierships.
Premier league was again successful in winning the grand final after being 2nd at the end of the final round. Coaches were Leanne Eichler with assistants Sarah Vidmar and Jane Fitzgerald. Sheree Lewis was reserves coach and they finished in 2nd place.  Deanne Riley was assistant coach.
We were saddened during the season with the passing of our coach Deb Aston.
Jill Hunt and Lynda Robinson once again took control of our umpires.
Contax players who were represented in the following were:
Adelaide Thunderbirds:   Emily Beaton, Maddie Proud, Renee Ingles, Kate Shimmin.
Thunder Babes:  Gia Abernethy, Chelsea Lemke, Maddy Turner.
South Australia national league southern force:
Chelsea Lemke, Maddy Turner, Gia Abernethy, Charlee Hodges, Kate Shimmin (awarded ANL competition MVP)  Tania Obst, coach.
SASA scholarship holders
2014/2015  scholarship holders – world international class athletes: Emily Beaton
2014/2015scholarship holders – developing international athletes:  Madeleine Proud, Kate Shimmin
2014/2015 scholarship holders – potential international athletes: Gia Abernethy, Lucy Armfield, Maddy Turner, Chelsea Lemke, Charlee Hodges.
Netball australia centre of excellence residents program,  Chelsea Lemke,  Maddy Turner
Centre of excellence tour: Maddie Proud
Australian 21/u team  Gia Abernethy,  Chelsea Lemke.
Australia 19/u Lucy Armfield
SA Rubies SASRAPID representatives:  Alex Connell, Sophie Kneebone, Catherine Beinke reserve, Jodie Smith reserve, Tricia Crockford coach.
17 & under state reps: Adele Demasi
19 & under state  reps:  Lucy Armfield Charlee Hodges,  Kelsey Williams,  Kim Hocking coach.
221 & under state reps, Gia Abernethy captain, Lucy Armfield, Charlee Hodges, Chelsea Lemke, Maddy Turner (San Remo MVP)
Netball SA Premier League awards
Team of the year GD Maddy Turner, Charlee Hodges reserve, Georgia Beaton reserve
Premier league most valuable player runner up: Charlee Hodges
Rookie of the year: Charlee Hodges
Premier league best and fairest:  Georgia Beaton|
Best in final series:  Kate Shimmin
Reserved best and fairest tie: Kailah Greenwell, Tayla Johnson
AMND Premiers  AMND League,  Intermediate 1, Inter 3, Jun 1, Jun 6, Sub Jun 1, SJ3, SJ4
Ten year service badges awarded to: Angela Butterfield, Saraid Kustermann, Paula Malkin, Rebecca Mcdonald, Kate Pittman, Tayla Revink, Amanda Shiell, Emily Simmons,  Maddy Turner
Player life member: Georgia Beaton, Taylor Petherick


Season 2106 saw Contax netball Club enter 35 teams which includes premier league, Reserves and 33 AMND teams.  Premier League was again coached by Leanne Eichler and they finished 2nd. Narrowly losing to Matrics in the rand Final.  Assistant coaches were Jane Fitzgerald and Sarah Vidmar.  Reserves was coaches by Deanna Riley being her 1st year Reserves also finished 2nd.  Bianca Partridge was Reserves assistant coach.  In AMND competition 25 teams contested the final rounds and 18 teams played in the Grand Final culminating in 12 premierships. AMND Winners  B4   Junior 2,  3,  4,  5,  7,  Sub Jun  2,  3,  4,  5,  7,   Prim  4.

SA Power networks again sponsored the club.  Sarah McKay was the clubs No 1 ticket holder.

It was with great sadness we lost a very loved and hard working Life member in Lorraine Obst.  Lorraine was a tireless worker and was very passionate about her beloved Contax. Another sad loss was a past legend of the club captain Karen Whelan.

Jill Hunt and Lynda Robinson again trained our junior umpires .

The following people were congratulated on their achievements.

Thunderbirds     Emily Beaton,  Maddy Proud,   Kate Shimmin,   Toni ANDERSON (t Birds draft)
Thunderbirds Training Partners    Gia Abernethy   Charlee Hodges
ANZ Championship Reps from Contax   Maddy Turner Sydney Swifts,   Chelsea Lemke Queensland Firebirds,
New National league  Maddy Turner Sydney Swifts,  Maddy Proud  Sydney Swifts,  Kate Shimmin Queensland Firebirds
SA Australia national League  Gia Abernethy Leadership group, Toni Anderson, Lucy Armfield, Charlee Hodges, Geogia Beaton, Sasha Glasgow (Southern Force MVP & ANL MVP Runner up) Amehlia Schmidt,  Tania Obst Coach
SASI Scholarship Holders  Gia Abernethy, Lucy Armfield, Sasha Glasgow,  Charlee Hodges Chelsea Lemke, Madeleine Proud, Maddy Turner, Chelsea Blackman (invitee
Australian Fast netball   Kate Shimmin
Australian Under 21 squad  Lucy Armfield, Sasha Glasgow, Toni Anderson (NSW Contax T/Birds draft), Tania Obst coach
Australian National Squad   Charlee Hodges
Australian National Squad    Under 17     Chelsea Blackman
Australian National Squad    Under 15     School girls  Tayla Williams   Captain
Australian Diamonds squad camp  Maddy Turner
SA Primary schools  Keeley Kustermann
SA Secondary School girls under 15  Quillen Economou,  Georgia Horjus
SA Rubys SASRAPID Reps   Alex Connell,   Tricia Crockford Coach
17 and under State Reps    Tayla Williams,  Chelsea Blackman
19 and under State reps Sasha Glasgow, Charlee Hodges,  Jo Whelan Manager
21 and under State Reps  Lucy Armfield, Charlee Hodges (Vice Captain),  Maddy Turner (NSW 21 U Named National 21U most valuable  Toni Anderson (NSW 21U)
Netball SA Premier league awards  Team of the Year,   GS  Sasha Glasgow,    GA  Charleee Hodges, C  Gia Abernethy
Rookie the the Year  Sasha Glasgow
Premier League Reserves most valuable player   Molly Affolter
Premier League Best and Fairest     Gia Abernethy
Premier League Best in finals   Gia Abernethy
Premier league reserves best and fairest   Molly Affolter
Ten year service badge    Gia Abernethy,   Imogen Abernethy,   Eliza Inglis,   Emma Hatwell,  Merrily Carter
Player Life member   Colette Ransom,  Elyse Hicks,  Tayla Johnson.
Life member   Deanna Riley


What a great year Winning Premier League premiership and  Reserves followed by 12 teams from AMND.   A good effort from 38 teams fielded.  The Premier League was an exciting final winning 59 – 50 against Matrics. Unfortunately Sasha Glasgow ankle and Chelsea Lemke knee were injured during the match  but the players who came on did a wonderful job. The team was again Coached by Leanne Eichler aided by Jane Fitzgerald and Sarah Vidmar.  The reserves was coached by Deanna Riley assisted by Bianca Reddy and they also beat Matrics 49-37.

All up we had 38 teams 27 playing in the final series 20 of which played in the Grand final 14 of which won Grand Final.  Winning Teams from AMND AMND League, B2, Inter “1”, Inter “4”, Junior “1””, Junior “2”, junior “3”, Junior “6”, Junior “7””, Primary “1”. Primary “2” (2), Primary 4

Amanda Shiell was President this season and did a great job.  Contax was once again sponsored by SA Power Networks (formerly ETSA). Jill Hunt and Lynda Robinson again undertook the job of Junior Umpire Development program which has been a great success.  Lynda also was in charge of umpire allocation.  Contax also ran the Net Set Go program which is always a huge success.  A number of Contax Players were selected in SA Squads and teams.

Thunderbird Training Partners   Gia Abernethy,  Charlee Hodges,  Sasha Glasgow.
Contax ANZ Championship Reps Suncorp Super National League  Maddy Proud (Swift) Maddy Turner (Swifts) Kate Shimmin (Firebirds)  Tania Obst Assistant Coach GWS Giants
SA Australian National League – Southern Force Gia Abernethy (Captain), Chelsea Backman, Charlee Hodges, Sasha Glasgow, Amehlia Schmidt, Chelsea Lemke, Rebecca Winch.
SA Sports Institute Program  Chelsea Blackman, Sasha Glasgow, Charlee Hodges, Tayla Williams.

The following people were congratulated on their achievements.

Australian Fast 5   Kate Shimmin,  Maddy Turner.
Australian 21U World Youth Cup Sasha Glasgow,  Tania Obst (Coach)
Australian National Squad 17U  Chelsea Blackman,  Tayla Williams
SA Representatives SA Primary School Keeley Rathjen,  Tabitha Packer
SA Secondary School 15U Krystal Anderson-Ives, Tahlia Dnistrjanski, Alicia Harford,  Georgie Horjus, Reserves Emma Sleath, Jessie Grenvold.


Sponsored by SA Power Networks

What a great season with Premier League and reserves Back to Back. Congratulations to Leanne Eichler and Deanna Riley our successful coaches

We fielded 36 teams in 2018.  31 team contested the final rounds 19 of which played in the Grand Final winning 10 premierships .

We were joint winners with Matrics for the Club Excellence Award.

Lee-Anne Petherick was our President with a hard working Committee.

Sarah Sutter was our No 1 ticket holder

Lynda Robinson did a great job as umpires co-ordinator.  Lynda and Jill Hunt did a great job training our umpires

Once again Pauline Fielden ran a successful Net Set Go Program

Congratulations to the following players who represented our club

Adelaide Thunderbirds,  Kate Shimmin, Sasha Glasgow,  Charlee Hodges, and Bongi Mosumi (Draft player)

Thunderbird Training Partners  Gia Abernethy,  Chelsea Lemke, Chelsea Blackman.

Suncorp Representatives   Maddy Proud Sydney Swifts,  Maddy Turner Sydney Swifts, Tania Obst Assistant Coach GWS Giants.

SA Australian National League reps Gia Abernethy (Captain)  Chelsea Blackman, Sasha Glasgow

SA Sports Institute Program Scholarship holders, Chelsea Blackman, Tahlia Dnistrjanske, Georgie Horjus, Tayla Williams

Australian Fast Netball  Kate Shimmin

Australian School girls  Georgie Horjus

Australian National Squad 17u  Tahlia Dninstrjanski, Georgie Horjus

SA Representatives

SA Primary School  Phoebe Kitto, Shanee Proctor, Willow Stewart-Ratray

SA Secondary School Girls 15U  Amelia Anderson, Jessie Grenvold, Tanaye Nolan

SA Rubys SASRAPID SA Reps, Tricia Crockford Coach, Paul Beinke Trainee Coach, Reserve  Sophie Kneebone, Catherine Beinke.  Training Umpires Lynda Robinson,  Shelley Walker

17 and Under Reps National Championships  Tahlia Dnistrjanski, Georgie Horjus, Abby Siviour

19 and Under Reps   Chelsea Blackman Captain, Bethany Lane, Tayla Williams (withdrew due to injury) Jo Whelan Manager

Netball SA Premier League team of the year  WA Imogen Abernethy, C Gia Abernethy, WD Georgia Beaton, GK Amehlia Schmidt,  Reserve Goaler Georgie Horjus



37 teams entered in competition

12 Premierships

Premier League lost grand final to Matrics

Reserves also lost grand final to Matrics

We once again won the club excellence award

Once again Contax was sponsored by SA Power Networks

Sarah McKay was clubs No 1 ticket holder

Once again Contax ran the Net Set Go Program.

Meliisa and Tracy Churchett (Mother and Daughter) were awarded life members


Adelaide Thunderbirds    Kate Shimmin,  Sasha Glasgow,  Tania Obst Coach

Suncorp Super League Rep Maddy Proud,  Maddy Turner

Australian National League Reps  Charlee Hodges,  Chelsea Blackman,  Sasha Glasgow, Georgie Horjus,  Molly Watson,  Tayla Williams

South Australian Sports Institute Program Scholarship Holders  Chelsea Blackman,  Tahlia Dnistrjanski,  Georgie Horjus,  Taylor Williams,  Amelia Anderson,,  Krystal Anderson-Ives, Jessie Grenvold,  Molly Watson

Australian Schoolgirls,  Jessie Grenvold

Australian National Squad 19U  Chelsea Blackman, Tayla Williams,  Molly Watson

Australian National Squad 17U   Tahlia Dnistrjanski,  Georgie Horjus,  Krystal Anderson-Ives, Jessie  Grenvold

SA Primary Schools SAPSASA  Jessica Greenhalgh,  Jazz McKay,  Amahli Siebum,  Corrina Ridley Manager

SA Secondary School Girls 15U,  Jorja Hooper,  Chelsea Swann.

SA Rubys SA Reps,  Tricia Crockford Coach,  Paul Beinke Trainee Coach,

17 & Under State Reps   Tahlia Dnistrjanski,  Georgie Horjus,  Abby Siviour,  Krystal Anderson-Ives, Jessie Grenvold,  Amelia Anderson

19& Under State Reps,  Chelsea Blackman.  Molly Watson,  Tayla Williams,  Jo Whelan Manager

Netball SA Team of Year.  Imogen Abernethy,  Gia Abernethy,  Georgia Beaton,  Kailah Greenwell,  Amehlia Schmidt,, Reserve Georgie  Horjus

Alanna Pyman received her 300 year club badge

YEAR 2020

2020 was a very different season as Covid hit and saw us all in lockdown and netball being postponed early in the season. Luckily we were able to have a modified season with AMND having 1   round and finals. Premier League were fortunate enough to play a full 14 rounds, There were many restrictions central timing and only 1 spectator per player . With a lot of hard work behind the scenes, we were able to at least get a short season going.

We saw 37 teams entered in competition culminating in 8 premierships

Premier League lost grand final to Matrics

Reserves ended the season 3rd.

Once again, Contax won the club Excellence award

This year we celebrated 25 years sponsor ship with SA POWER NETWORKS.

Jill Hunt our umpires coach was awarded life member.


Australian Diamonds Maddy Proud

Adelaide Thunderbirds  Kate Shimmin,  Sasha Glasgow,  Charlee Hodges,  Georgie Horjus, Tayla Williams, Chelsea Blackman,  Tania Obst Coach

Super League Reps Suncorp Super National League Maddy Proud, Sydney Swifts  Maddy Turner Sydney Swifts

Australian Development Squad, Sasha Glasgow, Maddy Turner, Georgie Horjus, Tayla Williams,  Molly Waton,  Chelsea Blackman

National Squad 19U  Krystal Anderson -Ives,  Tahlia Dnistrjanski

National Squad 17U  Amelia Anderson,  Jessie Grenvold

17U State Reps  Jessie Grenvold, Amelia Anderson,  Chelsea Swan

19U State Reps  Krystal Anderson-Ives, Tahlia Dnistrjanski, Quillen Economou,  Georgie Horjus, Molly Watson J Whelan manager

Team Of The Year Premier League  Imogen Abernethy,  Georgia Beaton,  Chelsea Blackman,  Reserve Charlee Hodges


2021 was once again another difficult tie but thanks to Lee-Anne Petherick and the committee we were able to get the season under way.

We had 38 teams winning 9 premierships.

Premier League once again in the Grand Final this time with a nail biting win by 1 goal with 30 seconds to go.

Our reserves ended the season in 3rd place.

Our wonderful sponsors were once again on Board Thank you SA Power Networks.

Jo Whelan Committee Member and Premier League Manager was awarded life member


Adelaide Thunderbirds.  Georgie Horjus, Tania Obst Coach

Suncorp League Reps Suncorp Super National League,  Maddy Proud, Sydney Swifts,  Mady Turner Sydney Swifts,  Kate Shimmin  Sunshine Coast Lightening,  Sasha Glasgow West Coast Fever.

Australian National League  Squad Selected but did not go ahead due to Covid, Chelsea Blackman,  Jessie Grenvold,  Tayla Williams,  Molly Watson.

Australian Diamonds Squad,  Maddy Proud,  Maddy Turner

Australian Development Squad,  Sasha Glasgow,  Georgie Horjus

Australian National Squad 21U,  Georgie Horjus,  Tayla Williams,  Molly Watson,  Chelsea Blackman

Australian Squad  19U  Jessie Grenvold,   Tahlia Dnistrjanski

Australian Squad 17U  Kayla Graham

SA Rubys SASRAPID Tricia Crockford coach, Trainee Coach Paul Beinke,  Squad Catherine Beinke, Tammy Brixton,  Jasmine Delphin

17U State Reps,  Kayla Graham,  Chelsea Swann

19U State Reps,  Krystal Anderson-Ives,  Tahlia Drinstrjynski (Co Captain),  Jessie Grenvold, Jo Whelan Manager

Netball SA Club excellence award won once again by Contax Netball Club

Netball SA Premier  League Performance Development Coach of the Year was won by our own Leanne Eichler  Premier League Coach

Adelaide Thunderbirds Club Champion  Georgie Horjus

Netball SA Premier league team of the year  ,  Emma Green,  Chelsea Lemke,  Imogen Abernethy,  Tayla Williams,  Molly Watson,  Reserve Chelsea Blackman