Club History – 2003 to 2009


(2003 – 2009)

Success comes by Raising the Bar and commitment along with dedication by both coach and player……… it does not come by accident…….. 2003 mirrored 2002 with a huge amount of success. Contax again had 20 teams participating in finals, with 8 premierships. Most significantly, our State League and State League Reserves Teams both enjoyed back-to-back premiership success. An excellent result considering that we lost 10 players from our 2002 State League squads to scholarships with AIS and SASI. Contax again adhered to our long-term policy of developing young players, which paid off with success at the highest level. Also in 2003, our club implemented a sistership/sponsorship/mentorship of South African community, Thembelatu. We sent 68 netballs, tracksuits and bodysuits to their community to assist with the development of our sport in their corner of the world. Our club has since received feedback from the Thembelatu community thanking us for our sponsorship. “Thembelatu Contax”, proudly wearing the Contax bodysuit and are now one of the strongest clubs in the province. Another highlight in season 2003 was the announcement of Life Membership to our finest ever player, Kathryn Harby-Williams. In 2004, our State League squad again focused on developing club players, and was boosted with the unexpected return to State League netball of Rebecca Sanders following an outstanding career at national and international level. Bec proved to be a great asset to the team, not only in her unquestioned individual ability, but in her willingness to teach others her trade. The State League team won their third consecutive premiership, and Bec was aptly awarded Club Best and Fairest in her final year of netball. For the second consecutive season, ETSA Contax were awarded Netball SA’s Club Excellence award. 5 of our State League players were selected in the ASICS Team of the Year at the Netball SA Presentation Dinner. 2005 was a year of disappointment that some may say had to come, in a heartbreaking Grand Final loss, our three year reign of State League Premiers had been broken. Both the State League and State League Reserves participated in the Grand Finals both losing to Matrics. The State League was coached by Tania Obst and the Reserves coached by Faye Walsh. Both the SL & SLR finished 2nd that year. We fielded 33 Teams, of which 24 Teams made it into the Finals, 10 were minor premiers, 14 teams went through into the grand finals and 6 became Premiers in 2005. B1, B2, J5, C2, SJ1, SJ 3. Our Community program again included sistership/sponsorship/mentorship of South African community, Thembelatu with aid of equipment our club sent over to this community once again. Our Major Sponsors ETSA Utilities continued their long association with our club along with ASICS, BAILETTIS, Adelaide Sports Physio , Snap printing Norwood.

  • 6 players in Thunderbirds Squad. Natalie von Bertouch was in the Australian Team, Nat von Bertouch and Laura von Bertouch Commonwealth games squad.
  • Kirby Mutton, Emily Beaton, Australian Youth Cup 21 and under
  • State Team representation – 17 under Sky Stoyanoff, 19 Under Louise Broadbridge, Kerry Grocke and Faye Walsh was Coach, 21 under Jasmin Lade, Kerry Grocke Faye Walsh Coach
  • Open Team Amanda Martin & Jane Fitzgerald
  • For the third consecutive season, ETSA Contax were awarded Netball SA’s Club Excellence award.
  • Advertiser Player layer of the year – Natalie von Bertouch
  • Tanya Denver Medal – Natalie von Bertouch
  • Life Membership was awarded to Tania Obst for her years of service both as a player and coach to our club.

In 2006 the State League and State League Reserves both finished top, the pain of 2005 was not going to get in their way of returning the Premiership Cup back to ETSA Contax. The State League was Coached by Tania Obst and the SLR Faye Walsh. We fielded 34 teams in total, with 25 teams in top 4, 6 were minor premiers, 13 teams in grand final – finally 8 premierships in total – SL, SLR, B1 J4 J5 J7 P3 and SP1. For the fourth consecutive season, ETSA Contax were awarded Netball SA’s Club Excellence award. New Body suit design was introduced which gave rise for the opportunity to send 80 old style body suits and 75 netballs sent to Themblathu in South Africa. Our Major Sponsors ETSA Utilities, ASICS, Marion Sport and Leisure, Bailettis, Snap Printing Norwood and Codewear along with 9 Individual sponsors and 29 team sponsors. We contributed 6 players to the Thunderbirds squad, Laura von Bertouch, Natalie von Bertouch, Fiona Pointon,, Bianca Reddy, Kirby Mutton, Amanda Martin.

  • Australian Commonwealth games Team Natalie von Bertouch
  • Australian open team – Natalie von Bertouch & Laura von Bertouch
  • 17 under Talent identification squad Georgia Beaton
  • 17 under state Georgia Beaton, Lisa Fyfe, Kirsten Sterrey
  • 19 under Sam Nutt
  • 21 under Jasmin Lade, Jo Baldwin, Nichole Stoppel, Faye Walsh coach
  • Thunderbirds player award Laura von Bertouch
  • Advertiser Team of the Year, Amanda Martin, Leanne Eichler, Kim Smith.
  • For the fourth consecutive season, ETSA Contax were awarded Netball SA’s Club Excellence award.

2007 was our Club Coach Tania Obst appointed as the new Thunderbirds Coach, she was to take over from Margaret Angove – ETSA Contax again providing the Senior Coach for our National League Team. This is a credit to our club and Tania. With the loss of Tania, Faye Walsh was elevated from Reserves coach to State League and Club coach. This was however not to be our year, with a change of Senior Coaches and plagued with injuries, the State League did well to finish 2nd and the SLR finished 3rd coached by Julie Wakefield in her first year as senior coach. We fielded a record 35 Teams this season and we were thrilled with the opportunity to include our “H” Grade. 27 Teams finished in the top 4 to go through to finals, 6 were Minor Premiers, 15 Teams played in Grand Finals with 8 Premierships this year. B3, I4, J1, J4, J6, SJ3, SJ4, P4. Our Club commenced Net Set Go program with 22 enthusiastic young players experiencing netball for the first time. Major Sponsorship Partners were ETSA Utilities, ASICS, Casa Leisure, Oxford Hotel, Leading Edge Physical Therapy, Bailettis & Snap Printing Norwood. We also had 14 INDIVIDUAL SPONSORS along with 25 TEAM SPONSORS.

  • This year we contributed no less than 8 players to the Thunderbird Squad, Laura Von Bertouch, Natalie Von Bertouch, Fiona Pointon, Bianca Reddy, Kirby Mutton, Amanda Martin, Jane Fitzgerald, Emily Beaton.
  • Australian Open Team – Natalie Von Bertoch & Laura Von Bertouch.
  • 21 Under – Emily Beaton
  • Thunderbirds Players Player Award – Fiona Pointon
  • Thunderbirds Club Champion – Natalie von Bertouch
  • Dynamic Sports Rookie of the year – Georgia Beaton
  • For the fifth consecutive season, ETSA Contax were awarded Netball SA’s Club Excellence award.

2008 saw the Introduction of the new Trans Tasman Competition a new coach was appointed to this new competition and full time role. Tania Obst returned to ETSA Contax as Club Coach and State League Coach after only one season with the Thunderbirds. Leanne Eichler was appointed as State League Reserves Coach making the transition from Club Captain/Champion to her first year as a Senior Coach. In a true strength and determination display of brilliant netball from both our players and coaches, both the State League and State League were successful in achieving the perfect Double. Premierships in both the SL and SLR Subway Cup competition only to be followed by the Double Double, with Premierships in the inaugural Clive Armour Cup for both team. This was a year of great success at the highest level but it did not come by chance. There was a determination from both players and coaches that did not leave a stone unturned in their hunt for the return of the Holy Grail to ETSA Contax. In the AMND Competition we fielded 32 teams with a fantastic 18 teams finished in top four, 5 were minor premiers,9 teams played in Grand finals with 4 premierships in the AMND ranks. There were several games lost by the closest of margins and proved to be most disappointing to many. Contax netball club was awarded the Netball SA Club Excellence award for sixth year in a row, true testament to our standard in the top levels of the competition across the whole competition, signs are good for the future of this club by the ability for us to develop our own players. Rod Hook ETSA Contax nominee on the state league committee. ETSA Utilities major sponsor of the club holds naming rights to the club for competition and public purposes. Our commitment to the community continues to grow into Regional SA, we developed a support network for the Mimili Area School, and Indigenous Community in the far North West of South Australia. In an enlightening experience for all, we hosted a group of children and had the opportunity to provide them coaching along with our own players. A strong relationship was formed over the year and our club have provided them with equipment, clothing, balls and supplies to give them the opportunity to play netball in their community. In 2009, after the success of 2008 it was going to be a difficult ask to raise the bar from the performance the year before. The State League had a dominant year and unfortunately suffered a shock loss to Oakdale in a disappointing end to what we all witnessed as a fantastic season. The State League Reserves were plagued with injuries and despite this still finished 3rd for the season. Tania Obst state league coach and Leanne Eichler state league reserves coach. In the AMND we fielded 32 teams with 24 teams finishing in top 4 and contesting the final round. 9 teams were minor premiers, 16 teams in grand finals and 8 Premierships. Contax Netball Club was awarded the Netball SA Club Excellence award for the seventh year running. Our strength and success at the top level across all age groups is endorsed and rewarded by Netball SA and is true testament to our ability to continually produce the best players which allows us to be successful at the highest levels. Pauline Fielden celebrated 50 years of service to the club in 2009. She has been a player, coach, administrator, umpire, coach coordinator and mentor to young coaches. We were fortunate as a club to again have ETSA Utilites as our club Major sponsor – they are also our naming right Sponsor. ETSA Contax works closely with ETSA Utilities in a partnership to promote Healthy Living and Netball in the remote communities. ETSA Contax again continued our relationship with Mimili Area School and hosted young students from the Aboriginal Community located in the far North West of South Australia. We have provided clothing, equipment, coaching and support to this group for the second year along with hosting them at ETSA Park. This year we were also thrilled for our State League to be invited to become the Ambassadors of the Royal Flying Doctor Service – Healthy Living Program. We had players fly to Leigh Creek to participate in a day for students from Leigh Creek, Myree Area schools along with children from the school of the Air. Over 160 students participated in “Healthy Living” day with our players providing coaching mentoring and promoting Healthy Living. Lew Owens, CEO ETSA Utilites was our clubs No. 1 ticket holder.