1973 – 1979

Pauline Fielden was appointed A Grade coach in 1973. Her team played in the Grand Final that year, but unfortunately lost by 2 goals. In 1976, Contax said goodbye to the box pleat tunics. A fawn skirt with 2 inverted pleats, front and back was worn with sky blue grand slam collared shirts.

Also in 1976, junior training was transferred to the central location of Edwards Park to enable players from other suburbs to play for Contax. In 1977, Daphne Axford took over the A Grade coaching role for one season, until Jenny Bonnett coached in 1978 and 1979. The club hit a low point, and faced A-Grade relegation after finishing bottom in 1979. The first Life Members of the Contax Netball Club were announced and honoured in 1979. They were Pauline Fielden and Joan Horner. [hr]