All trials held at Netball SA Stadium), Railway Terrace, Mile End.  

As of Saturday 11 December 2021, Netball SA has released a mandatory double vaccination policy. All patrons 16 years and over must provide proof of official double Covid-19 vaccination to enter the facility. You can read their policy here .



SUB-PRIMARY – If born in 2013/14
SUNDAY 6 FEBRUARY 1:00pm- 3:30pm
SUNDAY 13 FEBRUARY 1:00pm- 3:30pm

PRIMARY – If born in 2011/12
SUNDAY 6 FEBRUARY 1:00pm- 3:30pm
SUNDAY 13 FEBRUARY 1:00pm- 3:30pm
SUNDAY 20 FEBRUARY 1:00pm- 3:30pm

SUB-JUNIOR – If born in 2009/10
SUNDAY 6 FEBRUARY 4:30pm- 7:00pm
SUNDAY 13 FEBRUARY 4:00pm- 6:30pm
SUNDAY 20 FEBRUARY 4:00pm- 6:30pm

JUNIOR – If born in 2007/2008
SUNDAY 6 FEBRUARY 1:00pm- 3.30pm
SUNDAY 13 FEBRUARY 1:00pm- 3:30pm
SUNDAY 20 FEBRUARY 1:00pm- 3.30pm

INTERMEDIATE – If born in 2005/2006
SUNDAY 6 FEBRUARY 4:30pm- 7:00pm
THURSDAY 17 FEBRUARY 6:00pm- 8:30pm
SUNDAY 20 FEBRUARY 4:00pm- 6:30pm

SENIOR – If born in 2004 or earlier
SUNDAY 6 FEBRUARY 4:30pm- 7:00pm
THURSDAY 17 FEBRUARY 6:00pm- 8:30pm
SUNDAY 20 FEBRUARY 4:00pm- 6:30pm


We ask that players and parents come forward to assist with umpiring at trials as it is always a difficult task to get enough umpires to assist to cover all the courts for the length of the trial period.  You will be well supported, we ask that you please consider putting your hand up to help out. Lynda Robinson would love to hear from you – please email us via our secretary if you can help out.  We really appreciate everyone’s assistance here, don’t just think that someone else can do that – it is you that we need – please consider!!


  • There has been a change in how Netball SA has structured Player Membership fees. Netball SA will now charge an annual membership fee which will now be charged separately from Club Season Fee via the new PlayHQ program, which replaces MyNetball.
  • As a result, cost of participation will be charged in a two-step process from Winter 2022. At the time of Nomination to Trial, players will only pay the Club Winter Season 2022 fee.
  • If selected in a team, the Netball SA & Netball Australia fee will be charged as part of acceptance of selection process.
  • On nomination for trials, players will only pay the Contax Club Winter Season 2022 Fees. Cost for ALL AGE GROUPS is $420 per player
  • PLAYER LIFE MEMBERS please contact [email protected] prior to nomination to trial to obtain registration code specific to Player Life Members only.
  • All nominations to trial must be completed in PlayHQ along with full payment of Club Winter fees no later than midnight Saturday 29 January 2022
  • Should you be selected in a team, you will receive a notification with a link where player will be required to accept position and register you to the AMND competition for 2022.  At this point the Netball SA and Netball Australia fees will be charged.
  • Netball SA Annual Membership fees (Seniors $110 plus GST, Juniors $85 plus GST) and Australian Netball – Digital systems and services fee $3.36 plus GST).
  • The Netball SA membership fee is now an annual fee, only required to be paid once during a year and valid for all competitions in SA from 1/4/2022 – 31/3/2023 therefore the fee covers both AMND Winter and City Night Summer Season in the same year.
  • Click here to see what is covered in the new Netball SA membership fees
  • Click here to see FAQ’s regarding the new Netball SA membership fee structure

Click here to nominate to trial


  • Government sports vouchers to the value of $100 are available for all children attending Primary school or equivalent from Reception to Year 9 once per calendar year.
  • Families wishing to use their sports voucher in the trial nomination process (note this voucher will be relevant to 2022), please click on the ‘I have a government voucher’ link in the payment section of the form and follow the prompts.
  • Please note: you will be required to enter your medicare card details relevant to child using the voucher. Please enter the child reference number as the 11th digit in the form.
  • Once completed your nomination to trial form will reduce by $100 however, the club will not officially claim your vouchers until we are aware if your child was successful in making a team. If your child does not make a team, you will be able to use your voucher for another sport in 2022.


All players are expected to attend all trials. If unable to attend the trial, an apology must be made to the Trials Coordinator prior to the trial in writing with significant reason for inability to Jessica Mader – [email protected]

  • Please note Covid-19 restrictions may still be in place at the time of trials and must be adhered to at all times. We will provide advice regarding spectators and density requirements closer to trial dates.
  • All triallists are to wear plain attire. No Club, School or State colours are to be worn throughout trials
  • Please refer to our Club Website and Facebook regularly prior to trials as any changes to trial schedule for unforseen reasons will be communicated on our sites not directly with players. We highly recommend “Liking” our Facebook site as this way you will see instant updates or last-minute changes.
  • Trialling does not guarantee selection due to large number of participants – Contax is committed to ensure all players are provided equal & fair opportunity during trials in all grades with highly experienced selectors. Each player will be treated with respect and will have a minimum of 2 court appearances with at least one in first preference position indicated.  Due to position choices, some players may get more court time to ensure team is fully fielded to provide each player with trial opportunities in preferred position at each trial.
  • Selection in a Summer Competition Team DOES NOT mean automatic selection in a team for Winter competition OR an equivalent grading expectation for Winter as Summer grading. This because many Winter players do not participate in Summer Competition
  • ALL players will receive an email either during or following the trials notifying the outcome of their trial.


  • If you are unsuccessful in being selected in a team, refunds (less $50 nomination fee) will be actioned as soon as practical following email notification of unsuccessful trial.
  • Should a player withdraw from the trial process after nominating but before trials begin or during the trial process, fees will be refunded, less a $50 trial nomination fee.
  • Should a player be selected in a team (or squad if applicable) but choose to decline selection, fees will be refunded less a $50 nomination fee and a $100 late withdrawal fee ($150 total).
  • Should a player initially accept their selection, then choose not to play prior to first game, Club trial fees will be refunded less a $50 nomination fee and $150 late withdrawal fee ($200 in total). Note: Netball SA and Netball Australia charge a fee directly upon acceptance and registering to play for the season. These fees and any refunds are at the discretion of Netball SA and Netball Australia as charged by them.
  • Once a player has played 1 game for the season, and then is no longer able to play, no refunds will be given.


  • You will be required to accept or decline your selection within your selected team or squad in PlayHQ. An email with instructions on how to do this will be sent out following trials.
  • All selected players are expected to attend Season Launch to obtain important club information, and to meet your coach and teammates.
  • Note: Should there be 3 or more players from one family successful in the selection process, the club is willing to apply a part refund to fees. To apply for this and or any other special concessions relating to registrations, please contact our Club Treasurer via our Secretary as per email below.


  • Sunday 27th February 2021, Netball SA Stadium, 4pm
  • Sportspower will be onsite for uniform fittings and orders at Netball SA Stadium after Season Launch 5.00pm-6.00pm


  • Contax participates in the Adelaide Metropolitan Netball Division (AMND) Winter competition, held at Netball SA Stadium, Mile End on Saturdays.
  • Seniors to start Early April 2022
  • Sub Primary to Intermediates to start Mid May 2022
  • Semi Finals Saturday 3 September 2022
  • Preliminary Finals Saturday 10 September 2022
  • Grand Finals Saturday 17 September 2022


  • All players selected in the Intermediate, Junior or Sub Junior 1/2 Squads will automatically be included in the Contax Academy 2022.
  • Intermediate and Junior Academy 2022 will include approximately 12 sessions at a cost of $220.
  • Sub Junior Academy 2022 will include approximately 6 sessions at a cost of $110.

ALL Contax players from all age groups will also have opportunity in 2022 to opt into specialist sessions hosted by a range of High Performance coaches and players. All sessions are opt in only and will incur a fee to participate. More information to be released by the start of season 2022.

Click here to download the above information.

All enquiries relating to trials, please refer to:

Jessica Mader, Trials Coordinator Email:- [email protected]

General Club information – Kylie Revink – Secretary Email:-  [email protected]

Thank you for choosing Contax Netball Club to trial for the coming season – we look forward to seeing you at Contax 2022 trials.

Management Committee
Contax Netball Club