2018 Winter AMND Trials

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SENIOR – If born in 2000 or earlier SUB-JUNIOR – If born in 2005/06
INTERMEDIATE – If born in 2001/2002 PRIMARY – If born in 2007/08
JUNIOR – If born in 2003/2004 SUB-PRIMARY  – If born in 2009/10


Please register to trial via the links below. This will take you through to the registration process as required by Netball Australia as it is linked to the national MyNetball database.

  • If you have ever played netball in SA or indeed Australia, you should already be listed as a registered netball player therefore each of you will already have your own unique ID.
  • Please ensure you look yourself up first from the “Existing Participants” box rather than using new participants to register to trial otherwise you will be creating a second profile for yourself.
  • Once logged into your profile, it is important you please check and update your contact details.  Please include your current mobile and email address as this will be used to contact you during the season.

Registrations have now closed.

Note:– Full Payment of Registration Fees to be paid online at time of registration – should you not be successful in gaining a position with the club, you will be refunded immediately following trials registration fee less $50 Nomination Fee.  Should you withdraw subsequent to being selected in a team, you will be refunded (less $100) of your registration fee subject to club being notified within 2 weeks of selection.


Registration Fees are payable in full at time of registration for trials 2018.
To note there has been an increase in fees for 2018 due to Netball SA applying a 200% increase to training court hire for season 2018.  We have appealed to NSA on this matter however increasing costs including Electricity has been cited as rational for necessary increase to training court hire next season.  Sub Primary cost has also increased an additional $5 due to NSA Set Program increased cost.

Senior player Winter – Registration Fee 2018 – $395

Primary, Sub Junior, Junior, Intermediate Players – Registration Fee 2018 – $375

Sub Primary Players – Registration Fee 2018 – $330

Senior Player Awarded Player Life Membership – Registration Fee 2018 – $265

Note – Should there be 3 or more players from one family, the club is willing to apply a part refund to fees.

To apply for this and or any other special concessions relating to registrations please contact Club Treasurer via our Secretary as below.


All applications to trial must be completed online (unless special approved circumstances approved by the Secretary) no later than 17 JANUARY 2018 (including Nomination Fee payment).  

For planning purposes, it would however be appreciated if applications could be completed by  22 December 2017


All trials will be held at Priceline Stadium (Netball SA), Mile End.

Note – Five trials scheduled due to Hot Weather cancellation in past years therefore one trial may be cancelled.



ASSEMBLE in COURT 1 grand-stand week 1 only 15 minutes prior to your first trial

SUNDAY        4 FEBRUARY        5:00pm  –   7:00pm (Crt4)
SUNDAY        11 FEBRUARY       5:00pm  –   7:00pm (Crt4)
*SUNDAY       18 FEBRUARY       5:00pm  –   7:00pm*(Crt4)

NOTE: *The last Sunday trial will only go ahead if one of the earlier trials is cancelled due to heat


SUNDAY        4 FEBRUARY          5:00pm  –   7:30pm (Crt 3)
THURSDAY   8 FEBRUARY          5:30pm  –   7:30pm (Crt 4)
SUNDAY        11 FEBRUARY         5:00pm  –   7.30pm (Crt 3)
*THURSDAY 15 FEBRUARY        5:30pm  –   7:30pm* (Crt 4)
SUNDAY        18 FEBRUARY        5:00pm  –   7:30pm (Crt 3)

NOTE: *The last Thursday trial will only go ahead if one of the earlier trials is cancelled due to heat


SUNDAY        4 FEBRUARY         5:00pm  –   7:30pm (Crt 2)
THURSDAY   8 FEBRUARY         7:00pm  –   9:30pm (Crt 1)
SUNDAY        11 FEBRUARY        5:00pm  –   7.30pm (Crt 2)
*THURSDAY 15 FEBRUARY       7:00pm  –   9:30pm (Crt 1)
SUNDAY        18 FEBRUARY       5:00pm  –   7.30pm (Crt 2)

NOTE: *The last Thursday trial will only go ahead if one of the earlier trials is cancelled due to heat


SUNDAY        4 FEBRUARY         3:30pm  –   6:00pm (Crt 1)
THURSDAY   8 FEBRUARY         5:30pm  –   8:00pm (Crt 3)
SUNDAY        11 FEBRUARY        3:30pm  –   6:00pm (Crt 1)
*THURSDAY 15 FEBRUARY       5:30pm  –   8:00pm (Crt 3)
SUNDAY        18 FEBRUARY       3:30pm  –   6:00pm (Crt 1)

NOTE: *The last Thursday trial will only go ahead if one of the earlier trials is cancelled due to heat


SUNDAY        4 FEBRUARY         6:30pm  –   9:00pm (Crt 1)
THURSDAY   8 FEBRUARY         7:30pm  –   10:00pm (Crt 2)
SUNDAY        11 FEBRUARY        6:30pm  –   9.00pm (Crt 1)
*THURSDAY 15 FEBRUARY       7:00pm  –   9:30pm (Crt 2)
SUNDAY        18 FEBRUARY        6:30pm  –   9.00pm (Crt 1)

NOTE: *The last Thursday trial will only go ahead if one of the earlier trials is cancelled due to heat


 All Senior trials will be together this year – it is compulsory to attend all scheduled trials – any non-attendance will result in players non-selection as this has been an issue every year which cannot continue – please ensure you can attend all 3 trials.

SUNDAY        4 FEBRUARY           7:30pm  –   9:30pm (Crt 2)
THURSDAY   8 FEBRUARY          7:30pm  –   9:30pm (Crt 4)
SUNDAY        11 FEBRUARY         7:30pm  –   9:30pm (Crt 2)
*THURSDAY 15 FEBRUARY        7:30pm  –   9:30pm (Crt 4)
SUNDAY        18 FEBRUARY        7:30pm  –   9:30pm (Crt 2)

NOTE: *The last Thursday trial will only go ahead if one of the earlier trials is cancelled due to heat


Sunday 25 February, 2018 – 5:00pm at NSA Stadium
All players are expected to attend, as this is when they will meet their Coach and collect uniforms that have been ordered.
All Registrations for Contax are via the online registration process.


  • All intending players are expected to attend all trials. If unable to attend any trial, an apology must be made to the Secretary prior to the trial, either in writing or by telephone.
  • If players are also trialling at another club, please ensure the age group convenor is made aware at the first trial as this information is important to the Selection process – players will not be discriminated against.
  • Please refer to our Club Website and Facebook regularly prior to trials as any changes to trial schedule for unforseen reasons will be communicated on our sites not directly with players.
  • Selection in the Summer Competition does not guarantee automatic selection in a Winter teams
  • Please avoid comparisons in grading between Summer and Winter which will often not be equivalent due to club winter players returning that either elect not to play in summer or have been participating in Netball SA High performance pathways.
  • All players are expected to attend Team Announcement to obtain important club information, meet your coach and team mates
  • Trialling does not guarantee selection due to large number of participants – Contax is committed to ensure all players are provided equal & fair opportunity during trials in all grades with highly experienced selectors. Every endeavour will be made to accommodate all players where possible.  Each player will be treated with respect and will have a minimum of 2 court appearances each trial with at least one in first preference position indicated.  Due to position choices, some players may get more court time to ensure team is fully fielded to provide each player with trial opportunities in preferred position at each trial.
  • Coaching at Contax – one of the greatest challenges to fielding the number of teams required is the ability to obtain enough coaches and umpires – please let us know if you are willing to coach or umpire
  • Umpires – we desperately need parents willing to assist with umpiring for our club as there is a critical shortage of umpires currently. This shortage will limit the number of teams we can field in 2018.  We ask everyone to consider stepping up to help with umpiring.  We have some fantastic training programs, you will be well supported and we also pay our umpires for each game officiated.  Please consider registering to assist as an umpire in the online process.  Our club provides fantastic support and development programs for volunteers.
  • If unsuccessful in gaining a position with Contax after trials – Registration Fee will be refunded less $50 nomination fee
  • If player withdraws after being selected into a Contax team – Registration Fee will be refunded less nomination fee of $50 and late withdrawal fee of $50 therefore $100.


All players will be required to order the new Club Uniform for the 2018 season.

Throughout trials each age group will be allocated a time slot for uniform orders – please print the Uniform order sheet (to be provided) and complete prior to arriving for fittings to help with time required to process all player orders in allocated time slots.

Note this only a design change, style and cut of the current uniform will remain the same therefore you may order sizing based on your current uniform (if not stretched).  It is preferred for players to fit uniforms to ensure correct sizes are ordered.

Please ensure order forms and specific time allocated is strictly adhered to ensure new uniforms can be ordered, made and delivered in time for the first games – NO EXCEPTIONS.

**Should players not be selected in a team, your uniform order will not be placed, only those players selected in a team will have uniform order placed and be charged accordingly.**


Sessions for all grades participating in AMND Competitions are conducted on Wednesday evenings at Netball SA Stadium and will commence as follows:-

Important Note:– Intermediate grades will be training as per 2017 at 7.15pm – 9pm with the Senior Grades –this has been identified as a key development opportunity for players.

AMND, all Seniors & Intermediate training starts Wednesday 14th March, 2018 (All Seniors 1st Game 14 April 2018 – Inters 1st Game 12 May 2018)

All other teams C6 and Juniors start training Wednesday 21st March, 2018 (1st Game 12 May 2018)

Trial enquiries to:

Jessica Mader
Trials Coordinator
MOBILE:  0402 195 250
Email:- contaxregistrar@gmail.com